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Finding your perfect swimspa fit

Are swimspas going to be big enough to swim in?

Endless Pools E2000 Fitness System swimspa swimming and hot tub This is a question we get asked regularly from customers looking at purchasing swimspas, and the answer is yes, of course. You don’t need a large area or a deep body of water to be able to swim effectively. If you’ve ever used public swimming pools you probably didn’t need to adjust your swimming stroke when transitioning from the deep end to the shallow end, and the shallow end of a municipal pool will usually measure 0.9 metres in depth (some of the swimspas in our range are deeper than this).

So what is a swimspa and how does it work?

Well, a swimspa is a product that allows you to swim continuously against a current without having to turn or change direction. Whether you're a fitness fanatic training to keep fit and healthy, or looking to endure the extreme demands of competitive swimming, open water swimming, triathlons or iron man competitions, a swimspa can provide you with a tailored, adjustable swim current strength to suit your individual fitness needs. They also have their own integrated heaters so you can adjust the water temperature to suit you. They're a bit like an oversized swimming hot tub!

Swimspas work by either using a system of jets to create an adjustable water current to swim against or, in the case of our Endless Pools Fitness Systems, use the unrivalled Endless Pools Swim Machine to provide the water current for you. Either system will work well to help you increase your swimming fitness and choice is usually dependent on your needs and proposed use.

Which swim current will be the best for me?

This will depend entirely on your individual needs and how you will be using the swimspa. You will either be considering a jetted swim lane or a swim current system. Don’t worry, our trained sales staff are here to help you make the right choice for you but we can let you know a little bit about each type of system to help you understand how to make the right choice for you. We also have the X500 Swimcross Exercise System and E2000 Endless Pools Fitness System available to view and wet test at our Cardiff showroom, just bring your swimming costume and a towel to try these fabulous swimspas for yourself!

Swim jets are designed for both swim and water workout exercising and are suitable for all ages, body sizes and skill levels. Our SwimCross Exercise Systems feature five swim jets and are driven by two pumps providing a powerful and steady water stream of 1,200 litres per minute. The SwimCross jet design is also unlike many other because they don’t rely on introducing air to the swim current to add extra force, instead they use a boost effect to draw in more water, multiplying the volume and resulting in a stronger resistance for swimming against with less turbulence. This means you will find it easier to stay centered on the swimlane and the unique lift provided by the lower jets gives you added buoyancy when in the water.

The Endless Pools Fitness Systems is a swim current system that will appeal to regular swimmers and fitness enthusiasts right through to serious competitive swimmers, triathletes and iron men and women, it offers you the ultimate in swim lane technology. The industry leading Fastlane swim machine provides a superior swim-in-place experience, is custom made and the hydraulically powered propulsion system creates a laminar current of up to 19,000 litres per minute that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke! Featuring multiple conditioning grills help smooth and redirect the water, removing air resulting in a swim current that is completely free of turbulence. Even at full power it feels like swimming in a smooth, open water current. The swim machine flow can also be adjusted from speeds ranging from 5:33 minutes (gentle breaststroke) to 1:14 minutes per 100 metres and can be precisely adjusted for perfect pace control.

These swimspas also have some great optional extras to further enhance your swim training. Choose a swim pace display system to really start measuring your performance efforts or, if you opt for a system without an underwater treadmill, add an underwater floor mirror.

Can I choose a size of swimspa that’s right for me?

Yes you can. The SwimCross and Fitness Systems are available in a number of different sizes and depth to suit your particular needs. The respective swim lane lengths for each swimspa are then determined by the distance from the front of the swim jet to the start of the first step at the rear of the unit. This gives you an indication of the fit you will need to comfortably swim within the swim lane offered by each model.

Model Length Width Height
X200 jetted 366cm 226cm 127cm
X500 jetted 457cm 226cm 127cm
E500 fastlane 458cm 226cm 132cm
E500 fastlane 458cm 226cm 147cm
E500 fastlane & treadmill 458cm 226cm 147cm
E700 fastlane 518cm 226cm 132cm
E700 fastlane 518cm 226cm 147cm
E700 fastlane & treadmill 518cm 226cm 147cm
E2000 fastlane 610cm 226cm 147cm
E2000 fastlane & treadmill 610cm 226cm 147cm

X200 Swimcross Exercise System swimspa

Swim lane length of the X200 Swimcross Exercise System

X500 Swimcross Exercise System< swimspa

Swim lane length of the X500 Swimcross Exercise System

Endless Pools Fitness System E500 swimspa

Swim lane length of the Endless Pools Fitness System E500

Endless Pools Fitness System E700 swimspa

Swim lane length of the Endless Pools Fitness System E700

Endless Pools Fitness System E2000 swimspa

Swim lane length of the Endless Pools Fitness System E2000

BISHTA Approved Retailers

Why Should You Buy Hot Tubs From a BISHTA Member?

Considering the vast selection of Hot Tubs for sale on the market today it can be tough identifying the best option. You need only type ‘hot tubs for sale’ into a search engine and you’re inundated with a wealth of choice, from a huge number of suppliers – so how do you decipher the good from the too-good-to-be-true?


Hot tubs and BISHTA membersBISHTA stands for the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association which was established in 2001 to ensure hot tub and spa retailers were fully trained and competent in water hygiene management and ensure their awareness of why maintaining these standards is of key importance. BISHTA consists of a world-renowned team of experts available to provide support and assistance to its registered members, ensuring promotion of high safety standards and value amongst hot tub retailers. This enables BISHTA registered members to competently advise prospective and existing spa owners on all aspects of water hygiene management and all manner of issues or questions that may arise.

Why Is Water Hygiene Important?

Whilst regular use of a hot tub will provide you with many health and wellbeing benefits it is important to maintain clean, clear and hygienically safe water in your spa to prevent unwanted, potentially harmful micro-organisms from developing.

In the case of water hygiene management, prevention is easier than the cure. The good news is that correct and safe water chemistry is easily achieved through using a combination of products including sanitisers (disinfectants), oxidisers, minerals and pH balancers, in accordance with BISHTA water treatment standards.

The Benefits of Buying From a BISHTA Member

The British and Irish Hot Tub and Spa Industry is at present not regulated by the Government or Law. This unfortunately means that neither sales of or maintenance of hot tubs is subject to a code of conduct, allowing anybody to retail or carry out maintenance on a hot tub.

Potential issues with the lack of regulation can include factors such as sub-standard quality hot tubs and parts being sold and improper advice being given regarding maintenance and water treatment which at worst can result in customers stuck with an unusable spa or water quality that poses a hazard to health.

Sounds a little doom and gloom, right? But fear not, you can rest assured when dealing with a BISHTA registered company that they have committed to honour the BISHTA Code of Ethical Conduct which includes:

  • To trade ethically with both the public and within the industry at all times
  • To comply with BISHTA’s standards for self-contained hot tubs and spas and abide by its Rules and Regulations
  • To comply at all times with the Trades Descriptions Act, 1968, Supply of Goods (Implied Terms) Act, 1973, the Sale of Goods Act, 1979
  • To ensure products and services advertised and marketed are fully understood by the prospective client and to comply with the requirements of the Advertising Standards Authority
  • To offer a clear and reasonable warranty of products and services and to perform on such warranties where justifiable claims are made within a suitable time period

All Swim – BISHTA Award Winning Retailers

BISHTA logoWith 2017 being All Swim’s 45th year of operation, we have worked tirelessly to build a strong reputation for reliability, integrity and exceeding our customer’s expectations. We are therefore proud to be BISHTA members and have won numerous BISHTA awards over the years including Retailer of Excellence and Best Hot Tub Showroom.

With that in mind, when dealing with prospective and existing hot tub owners, we guarantee our advice and assistance will always be provided with the customer’s wellbeing and satisfaction at heart. We believe there is simply no point in taking shortcuts to increase sales figures, particularly in an age where customer reviews and referrals are worth their weight in gold!

So if you are in the process of researching hot tubs, be sure to look for the BISHTA logo, so you can rest assured you are in safe (and knowledgeable) hands.

The UK Pool & Spa Awards 2017

Awarding excellence in the Swimming Pool, Swimspa and Hot tub industry

Michelle Dewberry at the UK Pool and Spa Awards 2017Well, another year is fast approaching an end and it’s time for companies in the Pool and Spa industry to start reflecting on their achievements over the past twelve months and plan for the forthcoming new season. Every company hopes to build on the completion of successful swimming pool and hot tub projects year on year, improve customer service levels and make valued improvements to the overall buying experience. It’s also nice to know that those continued efforts in a business are implemented effectively and that the improvements are recognised by both customers and industry peers alike. No industry awards ceremony reflects those efforts better than the UK Pool & Spa Awards.

Now in it’s seventh year the UK Pool & Spa Awards has continued to grow bigger and better year on year and has seen an overwhelming demand for entrants with 31 award winning opportunities now on offer. The competition is open to the entire water leisure industry across multiple disciplines including swimming pool designers, swimming pool installers, hot tub and swim spa manufacturers together with retailers and wholesalers. Entering these prestigious awards is an opportunity for any company to raise their profile amongst industry leaders and customers alike.

Simply entering these awards isn’t a guarantee of success though. Each entry is judged by both a public and private vote with 40% of the overall vote being cast on-line by the general public and 60% being judged by a specially selected panel consisting of industry representatives and professionals from around the globe. If you’re going to put yourself forward for an award there aren’t many places to hide unfortunately!

As ever, we’ve continued to work hard to make improvements to the business over the last year and decided that the categories best reflecting our efforts for reward were Spa Retailer of the Year, Pool Retailer of the Year, Pool Showroom of the Year, Pool & Spa Showroom of the Year and Website of the Year. That’s 5 in total, hopefully everyone else agreed with our opinions on the improvements we had made!

So began the anxious wait for the award results at The Vox Conference Centre, Resorts World, Birmingham. As ever, the turnout was impressive with many leading industry figures present including a special guest appearance from Michelle Dewberry, a broadcaster, business woman and winner of the second series of the BBC’s, Apprentice. Our first chance to settle the nerves came with an informal networking session with major suppliers within the swimming pool, swimspa and hot tub industry followed by an introduction to the award entries and the companies looking to take home some awards. The competition was as strong as ever and winning an award was going to be an achievement this year.

Pool and Spa Showroom of the Year 2017 awardAfter a few inspirational words from Michelle on the role of technology and young women in business together with an insightful look at the pool and spa industry and the repercussions of the Brexit vote by the UK Pool & Spa Awards event organiser it was time to announce the winners. First awards category and our first entry, Website of the Year. There were some well deserved Business Award winners in this competitive field but we were stunned to be collecting our first win so early in the evening, a Gold Standard Award for the All Swim website. A great start! Next came the Commercial Pool and Project Awards with some stand out winners in the Luxury Pools and Hot Tub and Spa of the Year Awards. Finally, the Prestige Awards and the remainder of our four entries, let’s hope we followed on from our early success. Pool Showroom of the Year was announced as another Gold Standard Award for All Swim, followed by Winner of the Pool and Spa Showroom of the Year and amazingly, 2 more Gold Standard Awards for Pool Retailer of the Year and Spa Retailer of the Year. What an incredible end to an exciting evening of events, an award in every category we entered!

Jane Veysey, company director remarked:

“It’s unbelievable to receive so many awards at the UK Pool & Spa Awards this year, they are always genuinely unexpected as the competition is always very tough. I would just like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and to my team of staff who help make my business a success with their hard work and commitment.”

Here’s to another year of continued improvements at All Swim and another successful year of business in 2018, we hope you will all continue to support us as a business and enjoy the continued improvements we consistently make to our products and services.

Using swimming as an exercise routine

Swimming against a jetted Swimcross Exercise System

Is Swimming The Ideal Exercise Choice For All?

Whether you enjoy the occasional leisurely dip in the swimming pool or competing for your club team, we all know that swimming provides great benefits to health and wellbeing.  And with today’s hectic pace of life, it’s never been more important to dedicate time to taking care of ourselves and using that time wisely to improve our health, fitness and general wellbeing. 

Here are four reasons to consider fitting swimming into your workout routine:

#1 Swimming Boosts Mindfulness

While most forms of exercise are proven to release endorphins and aid mental wellbeing, the act of swimming forces you to truly ‘live in the moment’ as your visual focus is solely on the water not easily distracted by anything around you. In addition, the sound of the rushing water as you move aids in transporting you to a ‘zen’ like mental state – helping you to switch off from the stresses of the day.  Swimming has even been referred to as the Moving Meditation, a great option if you aren’t keen on traditional meditation styles. Here's 4 useful tips for turning your swimming routines into moving meditation.

#2 Time Savvy Workouts

Did you know that exercising in water makes your body work harder than on dry land? So swap that 45 minute exercise class the other side of town for a 30 minute aquatic workout instead when time is of the essence. Here's 8 more benefits of swimming that you may not be aware of. And don't worry, we understand that not everyone has the space for traditional swimming pools so our superb range of swimspas allows you to swim in place with the added benefits of easy installation of a unit that is totally self-contained.

#3 Swimming Can Help Relieve Asthma Symptoms

It can prove difficult trying to find the most suitable form of keeping fit when you suffer from asthma or respiratory system complaints, particularly as breathing in cold, dry air is often a trigger for symptoms.  The air you breathe in while swimming (particularly indoors) is moist, warm and humid which does not cause the same irritation in the lungs and airways – helping asthma sufferers to enjoy a work out without the additional struggle of battling symptoms. Here's more information on why regular exercise offers many benefits for people with asthma.

#4 Full Body Workout Minus The Impact

Every stroke and kick when swimming provides excellent resistance, as water is denser than air, and while your limbs are working hard your core stability comes into play to keep your head, neck and spine stable while your heart and lungs pump simultaneously. This combination of factors ticks every box in the great workout checklist; Aerobic Fitness, Core Stability Strengthening and Muscle Building/Definition.  Swimming is also a low-impact form of exercise, making it the ideal choice for those recovering from injury or suffering from joint and mobility issues.

Regardless of your ability level, swimming can provide some unique health and wellness benefits for everyone - whether you are 8 months or 80 years old! 

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