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Building your own Swimming Pool with a DIY Pool Kit

Excavating the ground in preparation for building a DIY poolHas the glorious summer we were lucky enough to enjoy this year left you dreaming of improving your outdoor space? Believe it or not, now is the ideal time to put plans into place for having your own in-ground Swimming Pool installed by Summer 2019.

What are the options?

The first thing to decide is whether a Concrete Tiled or Vinyl Liner DIY pool suits you best. A liner pool is the cheapest option and can be built to a variety of pool sizes. Standard DIY liner kits include a 30 Thou 0.75mm thick ‘bag type’ vinyl liner, with the other option being a 1.5mm thick specialist ‘On Site’ lining that is also available.

Liner pool installations also have a quicker start to finish time, as they don’t have the same curing and drying time requirements as a Concrete pool. Liners usually have a lifespan of 10-15 years (handy tip: the better you look after the pool water chemistry, the longer your liner will last!) which gives you the chance to change the appearance at the time if you feel like a change.

Liner pools consist of a concrete strip foundation with concrete block walls built up from the floor. The pool walls are rendered and the floor screeded, to provide a completely smooth surface for the liner. The vinyl liner is what acts as the waterproof membrane of a liner pool.

Laying the blockwork for the walls of a DIY poolConcrete pools can be built to any size and shape and consist of a reinforced concrete slab base with starter bars coming out of the floor which sit within the cavity of the concrete block pool walls. Concrete pools require 2 coats of waterproof render over the walls and floor, so that the pool shell itself is fully watertight. The purpose of mosaic tiles is simply aesthetic, as they are not necessary as part of the waterproofing.

It’s easier than you might imagine…

Planning permission is not usually required by the majority of UK local authorities for self-build pools in domestic back gardens (unless installing a pool building or an enclosure is also planned), but it is recommended you check with your local authority in advance. And certainly, the foundation work and rendering of the pool walls is typically within the capabilities of a standard builder.

Step by Step, these are the stages involved in DIY Swimming Pool construction:

  1. Preparing the blockwork wall for rendering your in-ground poolMarking out the pool. Once the pool size has been decided, mark the area out to the given dimensions.
  2. Excavation. Time to dig - A mechanical excavator is by far the quickest and easiest method of carrying out this part of the project!
  3. Foundations & Rendering
    Liner Pools: Lay a concrete strip around the perimeter of the pool, 1 x course of concrete blocks on flat for the walls (with no wall cavity or reinforced bars required for the floor).
    One coat of render is applied to the walls and screed to the floor then a concrete ringbeam fitted behind the top of the pool wall which is then backfilled. The purpose of the render is to provided a completely smooth surface so it’s important to ensure no stones etc are present in the render as this will be visible once the liner is fitted.
    Concrete pools: A steel mesh reinforced concrete slab forms the foundation with starter bars for the walls. 2 courses of concrete blocks on flat make up the walls with a cavity for the steel reinforcement for stability.
    Concrete pools are made watertight by 2 x coats of sand and cement render mixed with a special chemical that provides the waterproofing element.
  4. Installing the underlay prior to fitting the DIY pool kit linerFinishing. A white plastic called ‘Linerlock’ is fitted around the perimeter of a liner pool which holds the liner in place. There is a wide variety of liner patterns and styles to choose from which have a very realistic appearance to actual mosaic tiles. Concrete pools can either be painted with specialist pool paint or tiled with mosaic tiles.
    Coping stones for the pool surround are laid before the liner or the mosaic tiles are fitted with the final stage being the installation of your pool equipment (pump, heater and filter). This equipment is housed in a Plant Room, preferably as close to the pool as possible.

Complete guides to the construction of both Liner and Concrete DIY Pools are available here:

View the All Swim guide to liner DIY pool kits

View the All Swim guide to concrete pool kits

A Pool adds value to your Wellbeing and your Home

The finished DIY liner swimming pool, ready to enjoy!Once considered a luxury purchase of the wealthy, DIY swimming pool kits have made owning and building a pool more accessible and affordable than ever.

Adding a swimming pool to your garden is a great way of ensuring spending more quality time with your family and friends – whether it’s pool parties for the kids and their friends or enjoying a ‘staycation’ at home. No more expensive trips to the local swimming pool when you fancy a swim- simply grab your towel, remove the pool cover and you’re all set!

If you’re interested in finding out more, we offer expert advice and free, no obligation site visits across the UK. Please get in touch with us on 02920 705059 or email and discover how we can help your project turn into reality.

A Swimspa with a Difference; introducing the New E550 Endless Pools Fitness System

With a wealth of choice available on the Swimspa market, it’s a good idea to visualise how you see yourself using one early on in your search. 

For some, it’s a place to bring the whole family together; with the kids swimming and splashing around while the adults relax in the spa seats. Or perhaps you’re serious about your fitness and searching for the ultimate Aquatic Fitness System – whatever your reasons, finding the Swimspa that best suits your needs is key.

Different By Design

Endless Pools E550 Fitness SystemThe newest model by industry leader Endless Pools was designed based around customer feedback, resulting in a truly unique swimspa. 

Building on the success of the popular E500 in the Endless Pools range, the E550 is the same 15’ length but with a width increase of 13cm, making the E550 the widest swimpsa in the range at 239cm.

Featuring the signature Endless Pools Fastlane as the counter current system, optional underwater treadmill and resistance bands, this is an all-round total body fitness centre suitable for any swim stroke or water workout – just perfect for butterfly and breast stroke fans!

By relocating the steps to the front of the swimspa and replacing the standard hydrotherapy massage seats with two standing massage stations, every inch of space is made available for exercising in.

Low Impact, Low Maintenance

The Endless Pools Fastlane swim current system provides a deep, broad current helping you swim in place and the current easily adjusts to suit all levels, from toddlers to triathletes. 

For alternative aquatic workouts, use the resistance bands and add resistance by turning the swim current on for the ultimate core stability builder!  If you choose the Underwater Treadmill, you’ll also feel the benefits of walking or running minus the stresses of land-based exercise.

Whichever water-based workout you enjoy, you’ll reap all the same physical benefits as traditional exercise with low impact on your joints and muscles – say hello to faster recovery times and less injuries!

E550 Fitness System featuring the Endless Pools FastlaneAs with all swimspas in the Endless Pools range, the E550 features a durable, steel-framed cabinet with a modern, sleek design - designed with both style and functionality in mind while being virtually maintenance free.

The Endless Pools Experience

One thing that is highly recommended is to ‘wet test’ a swimspa before making that all-important decision.  After all, this isn’t an everyday purchase and you want to get a true feel for what it’ll be like to actually use in real life. We currently have two swimspas by Endless Pools available to try, the X500 from the SwimCross jetted swim current range and the E2000 featuring the signature Endless Pools FastLane counter current system, so that customers can try both out and help them decide which type suits their needs best.

To book a free trial session at our Cardiff showroom, please contact us either by calling 02920 705059 or email us at

Using swimming as an exercise routine

Swimming against a jetted Swimcross Exercise System

Is Swimming The Ideal Exercise Choice For All?

Whether you enjoy the occasional leisurely dip in the swimming pool or competing for your club team, we all know that swimming provides great benefits to health and wellbeing.  And with today’s hectic pace of life, it’s never been more important to dedicate time to taking care of ourselves and using that time wisely to improve our health, fitness and general wellbeing. 

Here are four reasons to consider fitting swimming into your workout routine:

#1 Swimming Boosts Mindfulness

While most forms of exercise are proven to release endorphins and aid mental wellbeing, the act of swimming forces you to truly ‘live in the moment’ as your visual focus is solely on the water not easily distracted by anything around you. In addition, the sound of the rushing water as you move aids in transporting you to a ‘zen’ like mental state – helping you to switch off from the stresses of the day.  Swimming has even been referred to as the Moving Meditation, a great option if you aren’t keen on traditional meditation styles. Here's 4 useful tips for turning your swimming routines into moving meditation.

#2 Time Savvy Workouts

Did you know that exercising in water makes your body work harder than on dry land? So swap that 45 minute exercise class the other side of town for a 30 minute aquatic workout instead when time is of the essence. Here's 8 more benefits of swimming that you may not be aware of. And don't worry, we understand that not everyone has the space for traditional swimming pools so our superb range of swimspas allows you to swim in place with the added benefits of easy installation of a unit that is totally self-contained.

#3 Swimming Can Help Relieve Asthma Symptoms

It can prove difficult trying to find the most suitable form of keeping fit when you suffer from asthma or respiratory system complaints, particularly as breathing in cold, dry air is often a trigger for symptoms.  The air you breathe in while swimming (particularly indoors) is moist, warm and humid which does not cause the same irritation in the lungs and airways – helping asthma sufferers to enjoy a work out without the additional struggle of battling symptoms. Here's more information on why regular exercise offers many benefits for people with asthma.

#4 Full Body Workout Minus The Impact

Every stroke and kick when swimming provides excellent resistance, as water is denser than air, and while your limbs are working hard your core stability comes into play to keep your head, neck and spine stable while your heart and lungs pump simultaneously. This combination of factors ticks every box in the great workout checklist; Aerobic Fitness, Core Stability Strengthening and Muscle Building/Definition.  Swimming is also a low-impact form of exercise, making it the ideal choice for those recovering from injury or suffering from joint and mobility issues.

Regardless of your ability level, swimming can provide some unique health and wellness benefits for everyone - whether you are 8 months or 80 years old! 

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