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Aquafinesse Offers A Proven Alternative To Hot Tub Chlorine And Bromine

AquaFinesse offers you an alternative to chlorine and bromine

Aquafinesse Spa Kit, the alternative to chlorine and bromine sanitisers for your hot tubAs a hot tub owner, one of the first things you come to understand is the importance of sanitising the water in your spa, right? A vital step in looking after both the health and wellbeing of those using your hot tub and the water quality involves eliminating and killing bacteria, protecting users from the unwelcome, hazardous effects bacteria can pose.

An Alternative Choice

Whilst the majority of hot tub and spa owners still tend to use either Chlorine or Bromine as their sanitiser of choice, did you know there is an alternative product that not only destroys bacteria, but actually prevents it from reforming?! That's right, Aquafiness offers you a proven alternative to traditional sanitisers.

The AquaFinesse Effect

Firstly, let’s ensure we fully understand the cause of bacterial build up; in order for it to thrive, bacteria creates a layer of slime where they feed, shelter and breed (gross isn’t it?!). As time passes, the slime (called Biofilm) actually increases in thickness, becoming increasingly resistant to sanitisers. In fact, 99% of all bacteria actually live in the Biofilm, only 1% of bacteria present in a spa lives in the water itself!

This then lurks invisibly on surfaces in your hot tub and within the pipework – and even high levels of chlorine or bromine are only able to kill off bacteria in the outer layer, with the remaining bacteria still present (and able to continue breeding) underneath.

Our Aquafinesse Spa Clean, for deep cleaning your hot tubAquaFinesse kit is a simple, environmentally friendly, patented weekly treatment that really takes bacteria and biofilm to task; the Aquafinesse ingredients act by loosening the slimy layer of biofilm from surfaces and pipework, which the action of the water then rinses away. Bacteria is also prevented from reforming, as it simply can no longer stick to surfaces during the presence of AquaFinesse. Only a very small amount of sanitiser is required alongside AquaFinesse. An added bonus is AquaFinesse’s ability to prevent calcium build up (your hot tub will thank you for this!).

How Do I Switch To AquaFinesse?

If you have previously been using chlorine or bromine as your sanitiser, you will need to perform a ‘deep clean’ with AquaFinesse Spa Clean prior to changing over AND to shock dose with your sanitiser at the same time. This action kills off and releases the bacteria present. Next you will need to drain your hot tub and fill with fresh water.

Then you can simply continue to use AquaFinesse weekly and enjoy crystal clear, softer and safer spa water every use.

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