Algicides, Clarifiers & Cleaners

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Algicides , Clarifiers & Cleaners

All Swim stock a complete range of algicides, clarifiers and cleaners to keep your swimming pool water sparkling! in addition to our own brand we also supply other major brands including Aquasparkle, Blue Horizons, Briswim, Gold Horizons, Kleen Pool, Lo-Chlor and Roldeck.

All chemicals are held in stock and are available for next working day delivery (UK mainland). Please note hazardous goods charges apply to certain items and these goods are only available on a two day delivery service.


 – preventing unsightly algae with both long life and weekly dosed algaecides as well as copper and copper free options.  Lo-Chlor have a fantastic range of products to tackle particularly stubborn types of algae.


- Clarifiers are chemicals that cause smaller particles to join together to form bigger particles, big enough to get trapped by your filter.


- From waterline cleaners, to pool surround cleaners, All Swim stock a wide range of cleaners to ensure your pool is always clear and sparkling, our specialist range of stain removers and stain prevention can help with the most stubborn of stains.

If you are unsure of any element of water treatment or dosing our experienced team are always on hand to offer help and advice on all elements of regular water treatment or problem solving - for further help and advice please do not hesitate to contact us on either 029 20 705059 or alternatively complete our enquiry form.

Chemicals and Water Management

All Swim has produced a complete guide to swimming pool and spa water management. The aim of this guide is to explain step by step, the principles of maintaining safe high quality water with the minimum amount of expense and effort. The guide contains advice on general maintenance and chemicals. You can view the complete guide to water management here.
Note: The recommendations in this guide are for domestic swimming pools and hot tubs only.

Swimming Pool Chemical Safety

  • Read Instructions on each swimming pool chemical product thoroughly before use
  • Never mix different swimming pool chemicals
  • When pre-dissolving chemicals, always add chemicals to water and never vice versa
  • Always pre-dissolve chemicals in a clean plastic container
  • Always handle your swimming pool chemicals in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors
  • Never use unlabelled swimming pool chemicals
  • Store all swimming pool chemicals in a secure, dry and cool place
  • Keep chemicals away from children and animals
  • Avoid spillage
  • In the event of a spillage, clean up using clean receptacles and dispose of in the pool. Flush area thoroughly with a large volume of fresh water
  • Before disposing of empty containers, rinse them thoroughly in the pool
  • Always wash hands after handling pool chemicals

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