Endless Pools Fastlane

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A Counter Current Swimming Machine For Your Existing Pool
It doesn't matter on the size of your pool, with an Endless Pools Fastlane you can swim for as long as you like without turning. Adjust the Fastlane swimming machine to your pace and enjoy a rigorous swim in a smooth, even, river-like current.
Think of the Endless Pools Fastlane as the ultimate swimming machine for an existing pool, helping create a current in your pool that mimics a smooth flowing river. The turbulence free stream is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke, yet narrow enough to allow others to enjoy the pool while you swim. Unlike other swimming pool counter current systems, the Fastlane generates a wide block of crystal clear, bubble free, and completely adjustable water flow. The Endless Pools fastlane allows for numerous applications beyond swimming including aqua jogging and water aerobics.

Tried And Tested By Kids 

Swimmers love the quality of the adjustable speed, counter current current - kids love it because it's just plain fun. A Fastlane swimming machine transforms your pool into a water park. 

Endless Pools Fastlane Features

  • Can be fitted to almost any existing pool.
  • Minimum water depth required is 35".
  • 5HP power unit can be placed up to 200'/60 metres away.
  • 16" propeller.
  • Remote controlled.
  • Adjustable speed setting suitable for all swimming levels.
  • Ideal exercise, therapy and fun. 
  • A powerful 5HP pump with a 16" diameter propeller gives a maximum pace of 66 second per 100 yards.
  • Flow Rate 60-1000m³/h

How The Fastlane Swimming Pool Countercurrent System Works

The Endless Pools Fastlane hangs from the side of the pool much as a pool ladder does, and like a pool ladder can be incorporated into virtually any existing swimming pool, so, if you're looking for a DIY swimming machine, this could be the system for you. The counter current system has two parts: a remotely located hydraulic Power Unit that powers the swim current and the stainless steel Fastlane Swim Unit that mounts poolside. These components are connected by two 1/2" inside diameter hydraulic hoses designed to keep electricity far away from the water.
The Fastlane swimming pool counter current system includes a waterproof hydraulic motor that turns a custom-designed 16" propeller and an innovative channeling system that straightens and smoothes the swim current's flow. The two sweeping stainless steel rails that suspend the Fastlane in the pool carry the hydraulic hoses over the pool coping and into the motor. At the bottom of the Fastlane, water enters from all directions, including the back, through fine-mesh stainless steel intake grills. Unlike a hot tub or pool with a narrow 2" diameter intake, the Fastlane’s intake is 687 square inches in area (nearly five square feet), eliminating all worries about suction danger.
The rugged 5 horsepower power unit can be located up to 200' from the swimming pool, optimally with your other pool equipment. We offer a weatherproof hood should it be placed outside. The Endless Pools Fastlane comes with 5 gallons of biodegradable vegetable oil to supply power to the swimming pool counter current system.

Easy Installation & Maintenance  


For far too many people exercising in their pool means six strokes and a flip turn, over and over and over and over. The Fastlane produces a smooth, quiet, powerful current that's perfect for any pool. Set the water speed to the pace YOU want, and swim at home.

It provides all the benefits of swimming – cardiovascular fitness, muscle and joint strength, low-impact workouts – in the privacy of your own swimming pool. Fully adjustable for swimmers of all abilities, from beginners to Olympians, it's also perfect for water aerobics, aquatic therapy and water jogging/running.

The Fastlane turns your pool into a brand new playground for a summer full of fun.." it also makes kids enthusiastic swimmers while providing a safe and creative play environment.

Easy to install with no electrical connections poolside, the Fastlane fits virtually any pool. For fitness or fun, the Fastlane swimming machine adds a whole new dimension to your pool.

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