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Endless Pools R220

Unstabilised Liquid Chlorine

Contains 14/15% available Chlorine

Available in 5L or 20L Containers

£67.50 £63.99

Slow Dissolving 250g Tablets

Sanitises, prevents Algae & Scale, Clarifies Pool Water

Copper Sulfate free Formula


Raises Total Alkalinity

Bicarbonate of Soda

5kg Container


Raises pool water pH

Sodium Carbonate

Available in 2kg and 5kg Containers


Raises Calcium Hardness

Calcium Chloride

5kg Container


Liquid Total Alkalinity Reducer

Balanced TA also stabilises the pH level

5 Litre Container

£6,525.00 £5,499.00
5 Person

5 Person

21 jets

21 jets

199 (diameter) x 89cm

199 (diameter) x 89cm

£7,495.00 £5,995.00




198 x 256 x 92cm

198 x 256 x 92cm

£774.00 £695.00

Suitable for Pools up to 8m x 4m

Lightweight Pool Floor Cleaner

2 Year Warranty

£1,302.00 £1,120.00

Cleans Floor, Walls & Waterline

Suitable for all rigid-wall pools up to 10m x 5m

2 Year Warranty

£1,908.00 £1,299.00

All-Terrain 4 Wheel-Drive System

Remote Control Operation (via App)

Reaches Every Corner of the Pool

£528.00 £485.00

Self Priming Pool Pump 0.5 - 3HP

Comes with quick connect 2" unions

Limited 2 Year Warranty

£3,066.00 £1,499.00

Side Mount Heat Pump

Highly Efficient, Low Energy Consumption

12kW and 17kW Models

£3,610.00 £3,295.00

UK Made Condensing Gas Boilers

Running Costs Reduced by up to 30%

2 Year Limited Guarantee

£540.00 £503.00

Direct Replacement for 5P2R Single Phase Pumps

Available in 0.5 - 1.5HP

Self Priming Diffuser Design

Holiday at Home

With All Swim DIY Pool Kits

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£5,146.00 £4,999.00

Compact 4m Octagonal Wooden Pool

Includes all Fittings and Equipment

0.75HP Pump & Sand Filter Included

£2,588.00 £1,803.00

Available in 4 Sizes

Complete with Fixtures & Equipment

Contemporary Style

£3,846.00 £2,595.00

Circular or Oval Designs

Easy to Install

Complete with all necessary Equipment

Endless Pools Fitness Systems

The Ultimate Experience In Aquatic Fitness

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