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All Swim offer a stunning range of Water Fountains and Water Features to enhance and customise your swimming pool.

Not only do Water Features and Water Fountains create a stunning visual effect, adding to the ambience, your health and wellbeing can also benefit from the hydrotherapy aspect.

Hydrotherapy is proven to help control pain and alleviate tension; the water supports your weight, whilst the warmth of the water allows your muscles to relax and eases joint pain - making it easier to exercise.  Muscular strength can also be improved as you push your arms and legs against the resistance of the water.

Neck and back massage jets can also be incorporated into your pool, along with wall and floor jets, bubble loungers or jets of water that create a current for you to swim against.  Available in polished or matt brushed stainless steel, these features offer a variety of water outlets for either therapeutic or ornamental use.

* Please note water features require a minimum flow rate and will normally require an additional pump (not included).  All features will require some form of additional pipe and fittings.

For any further advice or information, please contact us on 02920 705059.

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