Counter Current Pool Systems

Counter current pool systems are the perfect way to transform any size pool into an invigorating, exercise environment. Choose from any of our Espa, Fluvo, Endless Pools Fastlane or Aquajet counter current swim jets to help add swim in place technology to your home's pool, perfect for a daily exercise routine! If you take swimming seriously and want your pool to be more invigorating, making your swim harder and more productive, then fitting a counter current swimming machine is one of the best investments you can make. No matter what the size of your pool, these swim jets help you swim in place without the need for turning.

We all know that swimming is one of the most effective forms of exercise. With the addition of a swimming pool counter current system there are all round benefits to your daily fitness programme but just as importantly your pool can be used for gentle rehabilitation following an injury. By swimming into a flowing current of water, you can exercise within a smaller pool area. The resistance of the water flowing towards you allows you to swim continuously without being limited to the length of the pool.

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