Solar Covers for Outdoor Pools

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A Warmer Pool - Gain up to 10˚F FREE HEAT with a Solar Pool Cover

It is now widely accepted that installing a heat retention cover is the single most effective means of reducing swimming pool energy consumption. Fitting the right cover on your pool means you will see a reduction in energy bills. Converting the sun’s light into heat to provide free heating of the pool, a swimming pool solar blanket cuts water evaporation by 95%. Most heat loss is through evaporation, so fuel bills can be cut whilst also helping to reduce the amount of chemicals needed.


The Geobubble 400 micron Light Blue, Geobubble Silver 400 micron and the Geobubble Dark Blue 500 micron covers come with a 4 year pro-rata warranty and the Geobubble Midnight Blue/EnergyGuard 500 micron, Geobubble 500 micron Sol+ Guard, Geobubble 500 micron Raeguard, Geobubble Raeguard Weave and Geobubble Silver 600 micron all come with a 6 year pro-rata warranty.

The Geobubble 400 micron silver solar cover offers 18.5% greater heat retention by collecting heat from the sun’s rays. The aluminium underside reflects heat back into the pool retaining the pool’s warmth. The 500 micron Midnight Blue EnergyGuard cover offers innovative light filtering material allowing maximum solar gain whilst inhibiting algae growth. Traditional covers have circular/cylindrical bubble design but this design has multiple weak points. The Geobubble has a smoother more uniform shape with a 50% thicker bubble making it’s durability last 25% longer.

A geobubble 500 micron Sol+ Guard is the cover recommended for all outdoor pools and the geobubble Raeguard or Raeguard Weave is the cover recommended for maximum heat retention on an indoor swimming pool.


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