Caldera Hot Tubs £6,795 - £19,249

With so many hot tubs on the market today, we know it can be tough choosing the right one.  The Caldera difference is in the details. Designed to be the best - the most comfortable, energy-efficient and high-performance hot tubs on the market - so you can relax and enjoy the full range of wellness benefits on offer.

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The Caldera Spa Difference

The best hot tubs are a combination of comfort, performance and style and there are some surprising benefits to using a hot tub to learn more click here to visit our blog.

With so many hot tubs on the market today, we know it can be tough choosing the right one. The Caldera difference is in the details. Designed to be the best - the most comfortable, energy-efficient and high-performance hot tubs on the market - so you can relax and enjoy the full range of wellness benefits on offer.

A variety of perfectly positioned hydrotherapy jets and sculpted seating provide therapeutic benefits to all major muscle groups and areas of tension. Designed to provide years of high quality performance day in day out, you can enjoy your hot tub daily feeling reassured it has been built to last.

The Caldera Difference - Comfort


Caldera hot tubs are designed for comfort, an essential element in ensuring a relaxing experience when using your hot tub.

The Caldera Difference - Performance


Caldera hot tubs are designed to operate at a consistently high level, built with the highest quality components and strict attention to durability and efficiency.

The Caldera Difference - Style


Caldera hot tubs boast stylish design features including sculpted seating, mood-enhancing coloured LED lighting and contemporary appearance. Every detail is intended to promote the ultimate in relaxation, rejuvenation and wellbeing of body and mind.

The Caldera Difference - Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Committed to energy-efficient design as a way to save energy and save you money on operating costs, all Caldera spas meet the most stringent energy efficiency standards established for portable spas.

So Why Choose Caldera Hot Tubs From Us?

What are the most important qualities you look for in a hot tub manufacturer; quality? reliability? trust? As an award winning retailer of hot tubs with over 50 years industry experience, we at All Swim need to have complete confidence and trust in the manufacturer's of the tubs we sell. Here are some of the reasons we believe Caldera Spas® are right for our customers:

Caldera Spas® are manufactured by the global hot tub leader, Watkins Wellness™, with over 40 years' experience in designing high quality, high performance hot tubs. With over 1 million hot tubs built, Watkins Wellness™ continue to lead the industry in terms of innovation, stability, quality and passion.

What Does That Mean For You, The Customer?

Peace Of Mind

Your new hot tub is likely something you have been considering for a while. From the moment you started thinking about owning a hot tub you have probably looked at many different options and given yourself a headache trying to establish the most suitable hot tub based on your needs and your budget. We understand why - this isn't an everyday purchase and there is a huge amount of information out there.

Caldera Spas® focus on careful and thoughtful design in every aspect of their hot tubs, so that becoming a hot tub owner is the enjoyable, therapeutic experience it should be!

The Caldera Difference Is Clear:

Pure Comfort

  • With ergonomically designed seating and spacious, dual level ridged footwells (to anchor you in place during your massage).
  • Easy to use with intuitive control panels for your jets, lighting and entertainment.
  • Uniquely contoured diverters - control your jet flow smoothly and easily, even with wet, slippery hands.


Pure Performance

  • Fully customise your massage - every Caldera hot tub seat has a different hydrotherapy pattern, so spending time in each seat provides a different style of targeted massage.
  • Caldera Spas® wanted to provide the ultimate in muscle therapy, so they designed their own jets! The unique style of massage the jets offer help with muscle healing, quicker recovery time (great for sports enthusiasts) and general wellbeing - helping you to do more of what you love to do.
  • Energy efficiency has been carefully considered; Caldera's unique FiberCor insulation is 4 x denser and more efficient than standard insulation foam. That equals lower running costs and quieter operation.
  • Spend more time enjoying your hot tub than looking after it; with 24 hour circulation, FROG™ or Freshwater Salt™ water care systems, your hot tub water will look better, feel better and be ready to use 24/7.


Pure Style

  • Choose from a range of beautiful interior acrylic shell options and distinctive, sleek all-climate cabinets to create the perfect hot tub to complement your home and style.
  • Set the interior mood-enhancing LED lighting to a colour of your choice or to rotate through all six colours.
  • The Utopia Series features integrated cabinet lighting which can be set to turn on automatically each evening and a diagnostic logo light showing you when your hot tub is at the correct temperature or due for a service.
  • Large, flat surfaces along the bar top allow plenty of places for you to rest your drink.


Just 20 minutes a day in your Caldera Spas hot tub will help you deeply relax, calm your mind, alleviate pain and tension while promoting better circulation, deeper sleep and wellbeing.


Help On Hand

The last thing you probably want to think about when considering which hot tub to buy is the thought of it ever having a problem. And neither do we! But the sign of a truly capable, reliable manufacturer lies in the warranty they award their products and workmanship.

Caldera Spas® are proud to offer leading warranties on their hot tubs, which we believe really matters. And just in case you're still uncertain; as Watkins Wellness™ are part of the MASCO Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, they are legally bound to have adequate available funds set aside to cover the remaining warranty period of EVERY one of its' hot tubs at any given time - how's that for reassurance?!

We are here to help you with any aspect of your hot tub decision making process, so please contact us to discuss your project or any questions you may have - you're only one step away from enhanced wellbeing, relaxation and rejuvenation!


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