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Extra Kleen Poolside Cleaning Chemicals

Introducing our premium line of Extra Kleen poolside cleaning products from Blue Horizons, designed to tackle even the toughest grime and maintain pristine poolside conditions.

Deep Kleen, our triple action cleaner, goes beyond surface dirt, effortlessly removing rust, scale/calcium deposits, scum, and body oils/fats with minimal pH impact. For general cleaning needs, Multipurpose Kleen offers biodegradable, all-surface sanitization with a refreshing fragrance, perfect for tiles, concrete, rubber matting, and more. Scale Kleen swiftly penetrates and eliminates scale deposits, rust, and metal tarnish, ideal for poolside surfaces like metals, tiles, and acrylic. Finally, Shower Kleen ensures hygienic shower experiences by disinfecting and descaling shower heads, effectively eliminating bacteria like legionella.

Elevate your poolside maintenance routine with Blue Horizons Extra Kleen, achieving sparkling results with ease.

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