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Liquid Pool Covers

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Liquid Pool Covers

Liquid pool covers, such as Heatsavr and Lo-Chlor liquid pool blanket, are a popular alternative to traditional physical pool covers, they are particularly useful in shaped pools when using a physical cover may prove difficult or installations where the traditional heat retention cover cannot be installed. These innovative products are designed to reduce water evaporation and heat loss, keeping your pool warm and clean while saving you time and money. They are easy to use, eco-friendly, and can be applied to any pool size or shape.

What is Heatsavr?

Heatsavr is an effective "liquid pool blanket" that greatly reduces heat loss and evaporation from your exposed pool surface and replaces the need for conventional pool covers.

For over fifty years, scientists have known that a monolayer (one molecule thick) spread across the surface of a liquid can dramatically reduce evaporation and energy loss. Many companies attempted to develop a technology, but until Flexible Solutions developed their patented Heatsavr, which they first introduced to the North American market no other company had been able to make a monolayer spread reliably and inexpensively or to regroup effectively after the water had been disturbed.

Heatsavr is made of simple biodegradable ingredients that form the best barrier currently available to slow the heat and water loss that causes high pool room humidity, and high facility heating bills.

Heatsavr slows evaporation substantially. Evaporation is one of the main forms of heat loss from swimming pools and spas. Slowing it can yield large cost savings.

Benefits Over Conventional Covers

  • Low capital cost
  • Quick payback - costs refunded directly from savings
  • Available 24/7 - therefore greater overall potential with commercial pools
  • No cleaning issues due to bacterial build up
  • Fully automatic - no cover to remove, staffing issues or costs
  • Pool always ready to use
  • Ultimate reliability with negligible servicing cost

Chemical Savings Up To 50%

Whilst the chemical saving benefits of Heatsavr have long been recognised, controlled tests carried out on several outdoor pools during 2011 showed reductions in chlorine consumption of between 45 and 50%. Economic justification alone for the use of Heatsavr without taking into account the energy savings.

Heatsavr will lower humidity as well as evaporation. It takes money to buy heat, and heat to evaporate water, so slowing evaporation will lower humidity as well as heating costs.

Heatsavr will save energy in EVERY pool, but heat cost savings vary according to the hours of swimmer use per day, ventilation efficiency, and especially the type and cost of fuel used. The cost of energy also varies from region to region. Tests have proven that heat bill savings range from a low of 15.5% at a high use 50 meter municipal pool, to a high of 40% at a low use condominium pool.

How Does It Work?

In non-technical terms Heatsavr is a mixture of carefully chosen ingredients which are lighter than water and which automatically float to the surface. The particles of the liquid are attracted to each other so that they always try to form a perfect very thin layer over the whole pool surface. They are individually so small that they are 500 times smaller than the spaces in a super high quality filter.

Unlike a conventional pool cover which has to be removed from the pool for swimming, Heatsavr breaks apart whenever the water is sufficiently disturbed but the monolayer reforms whenever the water becomes calm again. Consequently Heatsavr adjusts perfectly to changing activity levels in the pool throughout the day. A variable and flexible cover that automatically works whenever and wherever the pool surface is calm.

Instructions :
Automatic Dosing Is Highly Recommended

Apply daily: calculate the pools surface area (L x W). Add 0.8ml per sq metre every 24 hours for a skimmer pool. For a deck level pool add 1ml per sq metre every 24 hours.

Add slowly to the pool as you walk around the side, or use an automatic injection system.

Additional Information

For the more technically minded the properties of Heatsavr include a unique spreading mechanism which forms a monomolecular layer by making use of the repulsive forces generated by dissociation of ionic compounds when dissolved in water. Negative ions repel each other, as do positive ions, and quickly spread the film forming agents. Heatsavr specially tailored molecules have the following characteristics:

  • They prefer their feet in water
  • They prefer their heads in the air
  • Once they are spread out, they resist climbing on top of each other
  • They have side chains (like arms) that interlock like riot police, to keep the water molecules controlled
  • They are short lived-biodegrading to air and water within days

Common Questions About Heatsavr

Can people swim while Heatsavr is in use?
Yes. Heatsavr has been designed to be in use 24 hours per day. This gives Heatsavr a distinct advantage over standard pool blankets.

Can Heatsavr be used along with a standard pool blanket?
Yes. Heatsavr will work when the blanket is off, and will reduce heat loss around the edges and tears when the blanket is on.

Is Heatsavr safe for filters and plumbing?

Yes. Heatsavr is a non-corrosive product that will have no detrimental effect on pipes, valves, chlorine controllers, or filters commonly used in pool applications.

Is Heatsavr environmentally friendly?
Yes. Not only does Heatsavr biodegrade into safe, simple compounds, but the reduction in energy use is especially beneficial. Swimmers in the pool won't know it's in use!

Is Heatsavr easy to use?
Yes it certainly is!


Savings achievable against uncovered pools will depend on various operational factors, which with indoor pools will include the type and controllability of the environmental management system.

When using Heatsavr on indoor pools, a reduction in water heating represents only a relatively small part of the potential energy savings. Indeed the most significant savings are realised from the resultant reduction in dehumidification requirements and the ability to reduce air temperatures when the pool is closed. Therefore in order to maximise benefit it is recommended that the environmental system is effectively programmed and controlled.

As a guide however, potential savings based on gas and electricity, should be at least 4 and 6 times the cost of the Heatsavr Liquid, thus representing an extremely favourable return on investment.


Pool Before The Addition Of Heatsavr



Pool After The Addition Of Heatsavr


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