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DIY Pool Kits

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All Swim DIY Swimming Pool Kits

What's Involved With DIY Swimming Pool Kits?

Less than you might think! All Swim's DIY pool kits are designed to provide you with the component parts you require to undertake a swimming pool self build project yourself (excluding building materials).  We include comprehensive step by step guides with all DIY pool kits and our friendly, knowledgeable staff are available to offer you all the advice you require as your project proceeds. Many customers choose to use a local bricklayer for building the pool walls and rendering the walls and floors. Again, we are always happy to liaise with your choice of builder to help them with any aspect of the construction process before or during the project - and if required we can recommend engineers who can help undertake as little or as much of the project as you would like ensuring you have complete flexibility and total support through to completion of the finished pool build. 

Rest assured, the construction of a pool using All Swim's swimming pool kits is well within the scope and ability of the average DIY enthusiast, in fact, the hardest part in buying and installing a swimming pool kit is deciding what size of pool you require!

What Types Of DIY Pools Are Available?

All Swim stock two particular types of DIY pools, concrete pool kits and liner pool kits (sometimes referred to as block and liner pools). Concrete pools are still the ultimate choice when it comes to inground swimming pools and are composed of a concrete shell with steel reinforcement. A concrete pool can be built to any size, shape or depth and you can choose from an almost infinite variety of beautiful mosaic pool tiles or pacelite (a cement premixed with small marble chippings) to decorate the swimming pool interior. Liner pools, on the other hand, use a made to order, robust, vinyl liner to finish the pool surfaces - most liner pools are rectangular in shape but non-standard shapes can be built using an onsite lining option. Liner pools are usually the more popular choice of finish for most domestic inground swimming pools as the overall construction methods are simpler and less materials are required. With so many high quality finishes available in swimming pool liners it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate the two types of pools as well!

What Is Supplied In The Kits?

An All Swim DIY pool kit includes a simple, step by step construction guide, sand filter and media, correctly sized swimming pool self priming pump for your chosen pool size, liner, linerlock (if appropriate), skimmer(s), main drain, return inlet(s), low suction, pipework, valves and sufficient fittings to position your filter within 3m/10 feet of the pool, pool maintenance kit and all initial pool chemicals to get you up and running. We do not provide the basic building materials needed to construct your own swimming pool such as cement, sand, chippings, concrete blocks or reinforcing bars. These materials are not specialist items, however, and are obtainable from any good, local builders merchants.

Will I Need Planning Permission?

The majority of local authorities do not insist on planning permission for self build swimming pools projects undertaken in the back garden of a domestic property in the UK. However, if you are considering installing pool buildings over your pool then permission is required and you are advised to consult your local authority before commencing your pool build. Even though planning permission is not normally required All Swim recommends that you contact your local authority before commencing any work in order to check the requirements of local legislation. 

What Next?

For an informal discussion about your proposed project contact us on 02920 705059 where we can offer our free expertise and support, alternatively complete our enquiry form for a call back or to arrange a free no obligation site visit. With over 50 years’ experience in swimming pool construction you can rest assured All Swim are here to help and provide guidance through every stage of the planning and construction process - we look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your dream swimming pool project.

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