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Swimming Pool Liners

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes. At All Swim Ltd we can give you the correct help and advice to help you decide on the right swimming pool liner for your pool. Our swimming pool liners can be made to any size. We offer 'supply only' and a full installation service as well as free, no-obligation site visitsClick here for more information.

Call our experts on 02920 705059 or contact us using our contact form and they will be able to give you a quote for your pool liner based on your specific requirements.

We stock pool liners from the following manufacturers:-

Plain Liner Options

(for an all over solid colour, or as a combination with any tile or pattern to create contrast)

Adriatic Blue

Ice Blue



Pale Grey


Tile Band Option

(combine with any wall and floor mix for an attractive and protected finish at the waterline)

Lincoln Grey

Lisboa Blue

Oxford Grey

Oxford Sand

Impanema Blue

Mallorca Blue


Crystal Mosaic

Royal Mosaic

Pompei Blue

Mykonos Blue

Olympia Blue

Cathage Blue

Persia Sand Mosaic

Persia Blue Mosaic

Persia Grey Mosaic

Patterned Wall & Floor Liner Options

(for an all over patterned finish, or mix and match with plain colours and tile bands)

Pearl White


Crystal Mosaic

Roman Mosaic


Ocean Midnight


Bysantin Blue

Blue Marble

Persia Blue Mosaic

Persia Sand Mosaic

Persia Grey Mosaic


Cambridge Midnight

Bourbon Street

Sierra Midnight

Park Avenue Quartz

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