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Dolphin Commercial Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

All Swim sell a range of automatic pool cleaners to help simplify the process of keeping your pool clean all year round. All products are suitable for indoor and outdoor pools with models available for, concrete, fibreglass or liner swimming pools. Most are available from stock for next working day delivery (unless otherwise advised).

Commercial electric pool cleaners have a motor that sucks the water from the underside in to the head, this pool water passes through a filter - which can be a bag or a fine paper cartridge - and all the debris will collect within the head. Because of this, the electric pool cleaners can pick up much finer debris than even your sand filter can collect, leaving your pool spotlessly clean.

At the end of the cleaning cycle you must clean out the bag or filters ready for the next time you use it. Electric cleaners use motor power to drive themselves around the pool. Some have wheels but the more advanced ones have tank tracks. When they meet the wall they start to climb it (unless you have a floor only model) and the carrying handle which hitherto had been at right angles to the tracks will become parallel to the tracks. This movement of the handle relative to the tracks is detected by the cleaner, so it knows it is on the wall and a secondary motor kicks in to keep it pinned to the wall. Once it reaches the water line the handle drops back slightly and this triggers the cleaner to scrub the water line for a while. When it has finished it goes in to reverse and back to cleaning the floor. The electronics within decide when it will clean the walls and when it will clean the floor. Some of these cleaners can also be remote controlled so the pool operator can drive the cleaner to a specific area of debris if required.

If you are unsure which pool cleaner to choose please contact us on 029 20705059 or alternatively complete our enquiry form for further advice and guidance.

Model Type Floor Only/Walls & Floor Warranty Pool Size Up To Liner/Concrete
Dolphin Wave 100 Electric Walls & Floor 3 Year 
(or 3000 hours)
25m Both
Wonderbrushes fitted as standard (for Liner Pools PVC brushes to be requested at the point of ordering)
Dolphin 2X2 Pro Gyro Electric Walls & Floor 2 Year 33m Both
Wonderbrushes fitted as standard (for Liner Pools PVC brushes to be requested at the point of ordering)
Dolphin Wave 300XL Electric Floor Only 2 Year Olympic (60m) Both

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