Ice Baths

Chill Tubs Ice Baths: Elevate Your Recovery in Style

Ice baths, also known as cold water immersion therapy, have been used for decades by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and health professionals to speed up recovery and reduce inflammation. By exposing the body to cold temperatures, ice baths can trigger a range of physiological responses that help to heal damaged tissues, reduce muscle soreness and improve overall physical performance.

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The Premium Chill Tubs offers the ultimate form of cold water therapy, operating at temperatures as cold as 3°C and requires minimal maintenance or ice.

Unlock your potential and embrace the cold with Chill Tubs!

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Monthly payments will commence 12 months from the date your agreement starts and will be payable on the same day in each subsequent month. We will tell you the due date of the first repayment.

If you settle the outstanding balance before the first repayment is due then we will waive all interest charges with a one off administration fee payable of £29.
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