Chemical Safety

  • Read Instructions on each product thoroughly before use.
  • Never mix different chemicals, including cleaning products, weed-killers and chlorine products as a dangerous reaction may occur.
  • When pre-dissolving chemicals always add chemicals to water and never vice-versa.
  • Always pre-dissolve chemicals in a separate dedicated clean plastic container.
  • Always handle chemicals in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors.
  • Never use unlabelled chemicals.
  • Store chemicals in a secure, dry and cool place, in their original containers and away from any sources of ignition e.g. petrol.
  • Keep chemicals away from children and animals.
  • Never smoke whilst handling chemicals.
  • Avoid spillage. In the event of a spillage, clean up using clean receptacles and dispose of in the pool. Flush area thoroughly with large volume of fresh water.
  • Before disposing of empty containers, rinse them thoroughly in the pool.
  • Always wash hands after handling pool chemicals.
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