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Discover The Health Benefits Of A Barrel Sauna

Almost Heaven Grand View canopy barrel

Discover The Health Benefits Of A Barrel Sauna

Barrel saunas are a great addition to any home and the build quality and craftsmanship of our barrel saunas will provide you with years of care free, outdoor sauna living. The circular design of a barrel sauna helps eliminate unused air spaces allowing the sauna to heat up more rapidly. The circular design also helps the hot air rising to the ceiling to be pushed naturally back down into the sauna, creating warmer temperatures lower in the barrel sauna.

Cooperage is also a key aspect to your barrel saunas performance. Constructed in a similar way to wine barrels (that can only be a good thing!), our Almost Heaven Saunas are specifically designed with a breathable performance in mind. With no permanent fixings and specially designed fixing bands the saunas staves are able to swell and contract with fluctuations in temperature, creating a tight seal for the trapped heat to help rejuvenate your body. The solid wood construction also has great insulating properties, prevents delamination and closely replicates the look, smell and feel of a traditional Finnish sauna experience.

Saunas Help Relieve Stress

Reducing your stress levels is one of the key benefits of using a sauna. Medical studies often cite stress as a major factor affecting our health and well being. Stepping into a sauna helps you immediately shut off from the outside world, enclosed in a warm, quiet space free from everyday distractions immediately puts you in a calmer, more relaxed state of mind. The heat from a barrel sauna helps relax your body’s muscles, stimulates circulation and encourages the release of endorphins, the ‘feel good’ chemical that gives you a natural high.

Muscle Aches And Pains Can Be Soothed Away

As well as promoting the release of endorphins that can help reduce the sensation of pain, the natural heat of a barrel sauna raises your body temperature, dilating blood vessels and improving your circulation. An increased blood flow can help speed up your body’s natural healing process and promote muscle regeneration together with natural healing. Stepping into a barrel sauna after an intense workout will immediately reduce muscle tension, eliminate lactic acid build up and help reduce toxin levels in your body. The perfect way to unwind after exercise.

Cleanse Your Skin The Natural Way

Sweating helps your skin naturally clear pores, rinse bacteria and replace dead skin cells, keeping your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Saunas Help Improve Your Sleep Patterns

Barrel saunas offer a range of health benefits

Natural sleep is normally preceded by a drop in body temperature. Using a barrel sauna in the evenings will help you increase your body temperature which in turn promotes a dramatic drop in core temperature after sauna use. This in turn signals the brain that it is time to sleep. Users often recount the feelings of deep sleep after bathing in the calming heat of a sauna.

Me Time Can Be Us Time

Often an overlooked but important aspect of owning your own barrel sauna is the social and recreational benefits they can provide you, your family and friends. They’re a great way to relax and are conducive to some much needed open, intimate and quiet conversation with those close to you. With our increasingly connected, online lifestyles it’s important to take time to unwind and disconnect. A barrel sauna provides the perfect private, personal space to escape from the rigours of your hectic working schedule, switch off and re-connect with family and friends.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health With A Barrel Sauna

High temperatures naturally heat up your skin and makes your core body temperature increase, this in turn dilates blood vessels near the surface of your skin increasing cardiac output. Medical research has shown that sitting in a sauna helps increase your heart rate by up to 50%. Regularly using saunas helps improve your heart rate and cardiac output together with your body’s natural regulatory system. Even more cardiovascular conditioning can be promoted with multiple sessions in your sauna. Each time your body rapidly changes temperature, from hot to cool and vice versa, your heart rate increases and can be comparable to the same physiological benefits of moderate exercise and don’t forget those all important improved sleep patterns!

Help Fight Illness

Saunas have been linked to a significant reduction in incidences of colds and flu among regular users. As your body is exposed to the heat and steam of a traditional barrel sauna more white blood cells are produced helping your body fight illness and kill viruses. Saunas are also the perfect way to relieve uncomfortable sinus problems associated with colds and allergies, warm steam vapour helps clear congestion and a touch of eucalyptus added to your water bucket will only help enhance your sauna experience.

Saunas Just Smell And Feel Good

There’s no getting away from it, the smell of natural wood together with a private, warm steam laden environment feels great! The stresses of a working day can be dissolved in the private, personal retreat of a barrel sauna. No distractions from the outside world, barrel saunas provide you and your family with a personal pampering retreat where you are able to relax and restore your body, mind and soul.

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