Fitting an Endless Pools Fastlane to your swimming pool

So what exactly is the Endless Pools Fastlane?

Endless Pools Fastlane counter current swim systemThe Fastlane is a powerful, counter current system that delivers a smooth, even swim current to your swimming pool. It has a fully adjustable swim pace from zero to a 1 minute 10 second hundred yard pace (1 minute 16 second/100 meters) and allows you to swim in place without the need to turn. It’s perfect for converting any small pool into a home fitness system.

How does the Fastlane work?

The Fastlane consists of two parts, a hydraulic power unit and a swim unit. The 5Hp power unit is usually located remotely with other pool equipment and provides power to the swim unit via two hydraulic hoses, utilising biodegradable vegetable based hydraulic fluid. The swim unit mounts pool side. Inside the swim unit is a special, sealed stainless steel hydraulic motor that turns a custom designed 16” (40cm) propeller. Water entering the base of the unit travels through a unique channelling system that helps straighten the swim current and removes any turbulence from the water before being delivered through the final smoothing grill at the front of the unit.How to position your Endless Pools Fastlane system

How do I use the Fastlane?

Using a Fastlane is incredibly straightforward. Simply position yourself in front of the swim unit so that you can swim into the current and then turn the unit on by pressing the on/off switch button on the remote control fob. Once you are comfortable with the swimming position you can increase or decrease the speed by using the faster and slower buttons on the control fob. Remember, because you are swimming without stopping you will tire 20-30% faster than when swimming laps. To stop swimming simply press the on/off button. If you turn the unit back on, the Fastlane current will return to the last speed programmed into the remote. The Fastlane has a built-in safety timer that will automatically shut off the current after 30 minutes.

Where do I position the Fastlane in my pool?

The Fastlane can be installed in virtually any new or existing in-ground concrete, gunite, masonry, vinyl lined or fibreglass pool together with any above ground pool. Water depth can be as shallow as 35”, generally speaking, if a pool is deep enough to swim in, it’s deep enough for a Fastlane!

There are two different types of fitting systems for a Fastlane, either a deck mount or a wall mount bracket. The deck mount option is suitable for retro fitting a swim unit to an existing pool and a wall mount bracket is used for new pool builds as it is incorporated into the wall structure itself.

The swim unit must be installed no closer than 24” (61cm) from any adjacent pool wall and choosing a location that is at least 12’ (3m 65cm) from an opposing wall (see diagram opposite) will provide you with the ideal swim lane for exercising. Remember, to help ensure a turbulent free swim current it is also key to position the swim unit away from surrounding walls, benches and stairs.

Installing a wall mount Fastlane to your new pool build

The wall mount Fastlane attaches to your pool wall with the use of a special, wall mount bracket that is embedded in the pool wall. The hydraulic hoses and power unit are then hidden in the pool wall under the pool deck area leaving a clean looking installation on your pool. If you are building a new pool or significantly refurbishing an existing pool this option of mounting the Fastlane unit is ideal for you.

The minimum clearance guidelines for this type of installation are outlined below.

Installing a deck mount Fastlane to your existing pool

The deck mount Fastlane can be installed on any existing pool without the need to alter the wall structure. A deck mount hose cover conceals the hydraulic hoses and is secured to the deck area around your pool and you can either run the hoses along the pool deck area itself or through a trench. If you are winterising your pool the deck mount Fastlane allows you to easily remove the unit and store it over winter. The hydraulic fluid that remains in the hoses will not freeze, even in cold climates.

If you choose the deck mount Fastlane option there must be 18” (46cm) of solid decking from the pool water’s edge to the mounting site because the swim unit will need to be bolted to the pool deck. If your pool decking isn’t wide enough a small concrete pad will need to be poured to help secure the mounting bracket. Once installed the deck mount Fastlane unit extends 19” (48cm) into your pool and 18” (46cm) onto the pool deck area.

Planning the equipment placement

In addition to planning for the position of the swim unit you must also plan for the location of the hydraulic power unit. Typically this is placed next to your other pool equipment. It is important that the unit is not subjected to driving rain and it must always be placed on soild ground. The power unit is also air-cooled and must be sited with plenty of ventilation, ideally a minimum of 12” (30cm) air space must be left on all sides. In addition, although frequent access is not required it is important that the power unit is accessible once sited for the purposes of general maintenance.

The dimensions of the power unit are as follows.

Electrical requirements

It is important that the Fastlane installation complies with the National Electric Code Article 680 Swimming Pools and Similar Installations and any other applicable local codes and ordinances. The Fastlane is ETL listed, Ref.#2001770, and CE listed. A licensed electrician can help with this review and must perform all electrical work.

Below are some of the most important considerations.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

All equipment provided by Endless Pools, Inc. and all associated pool equipment must be protected by GFCI.

These GFCI circuits must be tested monthly.

Power Unit Connections

The Fastlane requires a single 30-Amp, 220-Volt GFCI circuit to operate. An electrician must install a disconnect box within 6' of the Power Unit location.


Both the Swim Unit and Power Unit have bonding lugs. Proper bonding with a #8 or larger solid copper wire is required.

In summary, why should you build your own endless pool?

Remember, a swimming pool doesn't have to take up a vast amount of space in your garden. If space is at a premium or you don't want to lose valuable playing space for the kids you can always build your own endless pool. A modest sized, inground swimming pool with an Endless Pools Fastlane will create the perfect swim in place pool without the need for as much space. Instead of having to make turns while you swim, you simply swim against the Fastlane's powerful swim current. Perfect!

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