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Heatsavr And Ecosavr, The Liquid Swimming Pool Cover

What is a liquid pool cover?

Heatsavr is an effective ‘liquid pool blanket’ for swimming pools and spas that replaces the need for conventional pool covers, greatly reducing heat loss and evaporation from exposed pool surfaces 24 hours a day.

Heatsavr is a patented, non-toxic, biodegradable and completely safe liquid that does not change the appearance or operation of your pool and has been fully tested by numerous independent authorities to ensure that it meets the health and safety standards required.

What are the benefits of Heatsavr over conventional pool covers?

  • Low capital cost
  • Quick payback – costs funded directly from savings
  • Available 24/7
  • No cleaning issues due to bacterial build up
  • Fully automatic – no cover to remove
  • Pool always ready to use
  • Ultimate reliability
  • Energy Savings up to 50%

Using Heatsavr for outdoor pools

An outdoor swimming pool before using Heatsavr Heatsavr works like conventional solar covers for outdoor pools by enabling the pool to benefit from direct solar radiation, so an unheated pool will be naturally warmer or a heated pool cost less to run. Savings relate directly to reduced evaporation and hence pool water heat loss. Heat savings of up to 40% can be expected using Heatsavr although actual savings will depend on location and usage.

Using Heatsavr for indoor swimming pools

In addition to savings on water heating, Heatsavr also reduces the overall energy usage which includes dehumidification and air heating. Reduced evaporation means less load on any dehumidification plant and when the pool is unoccupied the air temperature can be reduced to a set back level, resulting in reduced air heating costs. Dependant on building design and pool usage, overall reduction in energy costs can be as high as 50% when using Heatsavr compared to an uncovered pool.

Chemical Savings of up to 50%

An outdoor swimming pool after using Heatsavr liquid pool cover Whilst the chemical saving benefits of Heatsavr have long been recognised, controlled tests carried out on several outdoor pools during 2011 showed reductions in chlorine consumption of between 45 and 50% - economic justification alone for the use of Heatsavr without taking into account the energy savings!

How does Heatsavr work?

In non-technical terms Heatsavr is a mixture of carefully chosen ingredients which are lighter than water so the mixture automatically floats to the surface. The particles of the liquid are then attracted to each other so they always try to form a perfect, very thin layer - one molecule thick - over the whole surface of the pool. They are individually so small that they are 500 times smaller than the spaces in a super high quality filter so you won’t lose performance from your swimming pool filtration system.

Unlike a conventional pool cover which has to be removed from the pool for swimming, the Heatsavr molecules break apart locally whenever the water is sufficiently disturbed but when the water calms down again they regroup to re-form the protective layer.

Easy and inexpensive to install, it provides a reliable and accurate method of ensuring that the pool benefits from the maximum energy savings possible. Fully programmable to suit pool size and hours of operation, it only requires a periodic check of the reservoir, topping up as necessary.

How to calculate the application rate of Heatsavr

Calculate your swimming pool’s surface area (length x width) then add 0.8ml per sq metre every 24 hours for a skimmer pool and 1ml per sq metre every 24 hours for a deck level pool. To help automatically dose you can use a Heatsavr dosing pump to ensure the Heatsavr liquid is added to your pool on a regular basis.

  • Save money, water & energy
  • Biodegradable: Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces make up water
  • Proven: Lab & field tested and verified
  • Easy to use – no manual handling
  • Reduces humidity in indoor pools
  • An outdoor swimming pool before using HeatsavrSafe: Tested extensively
  • Transparent
  • Safe for filters & plumbing

Heatsavr is also undetectable by pool users as it’s  tasteless, odourless and leaves no residue on your hair or clothing.


For a handy way to dose your domestic swimming pool with Heatsavr why not try the Ecosavr Fish? Combining the effective ‘liquid pool blanket’ treatment in a handy, easy to use sachet. One Ecosavr Fish treats a pool up to 40m2 for approximately one month, larger pools will require two Ecosavr Fish.

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