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Instructions On How To Install A Swimming Pool Liner - A Step By Step Guide

Fitting your swimming pool liner underlayWhether you are replacing an existing pool liner or building a new liner swimming pool, once you’ve got your new liner it’s important to follow the right steps to install it.

Pre installation notes:

  • Fitting the coping stones before the liner is recommended to prevent damaging the liner once installed (with the linerlock fitted before the coping stones)
  • Ensure the pool is spotlessly clean before you begin and that all gaskets on the pool fittings are in position
  • A minimum outside air temperature of 10°C is required to install a liner (to ensure the liner material is pliable to stretch it into position for a wrinkle-free fit). Temperatures above 24°C should also be avoided as the material may become overly-flexible and risk stretching out of shape under its own weight.


Fitting your swimming pool linerIf you have chosen to fit a foam or felt underlay, spot the adhesive on the pool walls then fit the underlay in place. No adhesive is needed on the pool floor but cross weave tape is used over the joints.

Step by step guide: Liner instructions, how to put it in:

  1. Carefully unpack the liner whilst in the pool itself and check for the arrow showing the deep end of the pool. Unfold the liner carefully and locate the 4 corners beginning with the shallow end and roll out towards the deep end, unfolding the walls accordingly. Consult the full liner installation instructions before proceeding
  2. The beading on the liner fits into the linerlock that is found at the top of the wall (held in position because of its special shape)
  3. If you have or decide to hire a wet & dry vacuum cleaner with hose attachment, it will make fitting the pool liner much easier; fit the liner in the linerlock all around the pool except for a small section about 12 inches away from the deep end corner. Starting to fill your new swimming pool liner with waterPush the suction hose down between the wall and the liner until it is approximately 1 inch (25mm) from the bottom of the wall. Make sure, if the pipework is not completed, that the ends of the pipe runs are sealed off to prevent loss of vacuum. Seal around the vacuum hose with a wet cloth or tape and the liner will be sucked to the pool walls and floor once the vacuum is switched on. Check the liner is in the correct position and if not, turn the vacuum off, adjust then restart it.
  4. Start filling the pool with water once the liner is correctly positioned, leaving the vacuum running until the water covers the shallow end of the pool by at least 6 inches (150mm). The vacuum can then be removed and the remaining liner bead fitted to the linerlock.
  5. Check the positioning of the liner again at this stage. The liner should be bedded down with equal tightness on all 4 sides of the pool.

Pools with a deep end / main drain fitted

  1. Gradually filling your new swimming pool liner cutting in as the water line reaches fittingsOnce steps 1-5 above are thoroughly checked, fill with water until there is 6-8 inches (150mm – 200mm) in the hopper – it’s recommended you anchor the 2 shallow end corners with sandbags at this stage if you are not using a vacuum.
  2. When the water level in the deep end reaches 1 foot (300mm) the main drain can be cut in.
  3. If the liner is away from the shallow end wall (a small gap at the base of the wall is acceptable; this will be pushed in by the weight of water as the pool fills), free it from the linerlock, get behind the liner and gently pull the liner to the shallow end. The liner can stretch considerably, particularly in hot weather. After gently and firmly stretching the liner, weighted sandbags should again be put in each corner to anchor them as filling with water continues (removing them when there is 6 inches (150mm) of water covering the shallow end).
  4. As the water reaches a level just below each of the pool wall fittings/lights etc; stop and cut them in before continuing with the filling process until the water level reaches the middle of the skimmer mouth.
  5. At first, the liner will probably have several packaging folds and wrinkles. These will disappear on their own if installation is done on a hot day but may need some assistance on colder days. Wait until the wrinkle is covered with 3 inches (75mm) of water then gently pull the material away from the wrinkle – once released the weight of the water will keep the liner in its wrinkle-free position.
  6. As the water rises, the wrinkle release process will need to be repeated as necessary in stages, but taking care and showing patience will result in a perfect liner fit. Note: if the water depth gets to 8 inches (200mm) or more over a fold or wrinkle, there will be too much weight on the liner to straighten it out and the wrinkle will be permanent.

Fitting the liner with a Roman End, Square or Corner Step unit

Step Units:

Enjoying your new DIY liner pool kitThere are different types of step units but all will be supplied with a gasket and faceplate. Remove the screws around the faceplate of the step unit and take off the faceplate leaving the gasket attached to the step unit.

For Roman End or Square steps, a plank of timber or scaffolding board is placed temporarily across the top of the step unit and the liner is fitted as described above.

To prevent the liner sagging at the step unit, it is fixed to the plank with drawing pins. As the level of water reaches the first step, the liner should be firmly located around the pool and the faceplate is then fitted. Screws are inserted through the faceplate, gasket and step unit and progressively tightened in sequence. Firmly secured, the liner can now be cut away from the inside of the faceplate and removed.

Applying tape to the back of the liner and the step unit to seal the gap will improve the performance of the vacuum if used.

We hope you have found our Liner Installation Guide helpful and if you could use any further advice or support, please contact us on 02920 705059 or email sales@allswimltd.com.

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