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Dantherm heat pumpsWhy Do All Swim Recommend A Heat Pump For Swimming Pool Heating?

There are many heating options you can choose to heat your pool water, so how do you identify which type is right for you? For a number of reasons, we believe the most sensible choice is a Heat Pump. And here’s why:

The Most Economical Choice By Far

There’s no getting away from the fact that running your swimming pool costs money; on chemicals, equipment and water heating. Whilst there are cheaper heaters you can buy, all of them will cost you significantly more in running costs than a heat pump.

What Makes Heat Pumps Cheaper To Run?

Simply put, Heat Pumps use the free and natural energy in the air, taking the latent heat out of the air, upgrading it and efficiently transferring the heat into the pool water, whilst respecting the environment. This use of free, dormant heat in the air results in substantial running cost savings – approximately 400% when using a Calorex ProPac as opposed to a standard electric heater!

The Most Environmentally Friendly Heating Option

Heat Pumps are recognised as the most environmentally friendly swimming pool heating option; the Calorex range for example produce 74% less CO₂ emissions than an oil boiler and typically have a much longer lifespan than gas pool heater options.

Which Type Of Heat Pump Do I Need?

Garden Pac heat pumpsWe stock a number of different ranges, here is a bit more information on each:

Garden Pac Inver Tech Heat Pumps

A popular budget range of heat pumps, Garden Pac Inver Tech (https://www.allswimltd.com/garden-pac-invertech-heat-pumps) have quiet DC ventilation systems and Mitsubishi DC inverter compressors – making them very quiet while in operation. They feature soft start technology and VARI SPEED, which results in slower operational speed and reduced running costs over the course of the season. The Garden Pac range can operate at air temperature down to -7°C.

Dantherm Heat Pumps

The new Certikin budget range of heat pumps (https://www.allswimltd.com/certikin-budget-dantherm-heat-pump ) are designed and manufactured in collaboration with Calorex and the Dantherm Group (a leading provider of heating solutions). There are 4 easy to install models in the range; 6kw, 8kw, 12kw and 15kw each featuring smart pool pump control, quiet operation and a reverse cycle defrost enabling operation down to 3°C air temperature.

Calorex heat pumpsCalorex Heat Pumps

Our top of the range models are the Calorex ProPac Heat Pumps, which come in 2 ranges; one designed for those wishing to swim between April and October (the Extended Season ‘X’ range; https://www.allswimltd.com/calorex-pro-pac-extended-season-heat-pumps ) and the other for those wanting to swim all year round (the ‘Y’ range; https://www.allswimltd.com/calorex-propac-all-year-round-heat-pumps).

The ProPac Extended Season X range of heat pumps can operate down to 0°C and feature a titanium heat exchanger, which is compatible for use with any type of water treatment. The All Year Round Y range are highly efficient with extremely quiet operation. Like the X range, they feature a titanium heat exchanger, providing efficient heat transfer without any dangers of corrosion and digital control panels. Capable of operating down to a temperature of -15°C, the Calorex ProPac All Year Round Heat Pumps offer a greater heat gain for a longer swimming season.

Calorex Heat Pumps also feature a comprehensive parts and labour warranty (3 Years) plus a 10 year anti-corrosive warranty on the casing.

In Need Of More Advice?

If you would like further advice on which option could work best for heating your swimming pool, simply contact us either by calling 02920 705059 or email sales@allswimltd.com and our fully trained experts will be happy to help.

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