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How To Safety-Proof Your Swimming Pool

Finding the right safety-proofing solution for your swimming pool is a must, particularly where young children and pets are involved. You need equipment that offers reliable protection and meets your budget, so we’ve put together a little guide to help you choose the right solution for your needs:

Pool alarms

Immerstar floating pool alarm The IMMERSTAR Pool Alarm is one of the most popular alarms on the market, which complies with the French NFP90-307/A1 Safety Standards.

The sensor of the IMMERSTAR alarm detects the fall of a body and raises a powerful alarm with a 100db siren.

The IMMERSTAR fastens to the pool edge and is operated with a magnet contact key. It won’t be set off by strong winds and features LED status indicators and auto switching from swim to alert mode.

Swimming pool safety covers

Whatever your style or budget, we supply a range of manual or automatic swimming pool safety covers designed to suit all needs:

Walu manual pool safety covers

Immerstar floating pool alarmThe different types and styles of Walu Swimming Pool Safety Covers are designed to suit a variety of swimming pool shapes and sizes and are manufactured to comply with strict French NFP90-307/A1 Safety Standards. The Walu Starlight consists of strong yet lightweight aluminium bars that run across the pool width, with a fabric panel section in between each bar.

The Starlight features a sleek appearance, as the support poles are underneath the cover on this model, also making the winding and unwinding process smoother. Due to the positioning of the support bars, the Walu Starlight is only suitable for rectangular swimming pools.

The end bars are fixed to the deck via a webbing strap, which are tensioned to ensure a firm cover which completely seals the swimming pool.

Removing the cover is a case of simply releasing the tension then rolling the bars away, either with the manual Walu Crank Handle or the electrical Walu Power. Pull on one of the webbing straps when ready to unwind the cover to replace it.

Walu Air pool safety coverThe Walu Evolution works in the same way as the Starlight, but has the support poles on the top of the cover. This allows the flexibility of being able to manufacture the Evolution in all shapes, making it suitable for kidney or other shaped swimming pools.

Both the Walu Starlight and the Walu Evolution are available in either Opaque or Translucent finishes in a range of colours. The Walu Air is effectively two covers in one, as it acts as both a safety cover and a winter debris cover.

The Walu Air works by creating an inflated pillow that plugs the shape of the pool completely. This means that no debris can get in to the pool from underneath and the shape formed on top of the pool allows rain and debris to flow straight off it onto the poolside, keeping the water clear – and stopping anyone or anything getting on top of the cover too!

The Walu Air overlaps the pool by 35cm around all sides and is secured in place using traditional spring, pin and strap fixings. This cover is suitable for pools up to 11.5 x 5m (not free form pools) with optional ladder or counter current system cut outs available.

Coverstar automatic safety cover

Coverstar automatic safety coversWidely regarded as one of the best on the market, the Coverstar is the ultimate automatic safety cover around.

At the flip of a switch, the Coverstar automatic safety cover creates an impenetrable barrier preventing children, pets or even adults from accidentally falling into the pool.

Featuring sliders 4 times stronger than traditional sliders (typically the weakest component in safety covers), choosing a Coverstar system ensures your peace of mind that your pool is safely secured.

An additional benefit is the Ultraguard III vinyl material of the fabric with heat-sealed webbing for double strength, which is also highly resistant to pool chemicals and UV light, greatly minimising colour fading. With 5 colours to choose from, you can ensure the cover complements your pool perfectly too!

Additional Coverstar System Benefits:

  • 90% reduction in evaporation
  • 70% reduction in pool heating costs
  • 50% reduction in electricity costs
  • 70% reduction in chemical use
  • Acts as a debris cover, preventing any debris from entering the pool

Coverstar systems can have either a deck mounted or in-pit installation and can be made to suit almost any shaped pool!

Swimming pool safety fencing

Coverstar automatic safety coversWhen a traditional style swimming pool safety cover isn’t compatible with a pool due to the shape or specific nature of the pool, Swimming Pool Safety Fencing offers an attractive and practical solution. Rollaway Safety Fencing is easy to install and is easily removed when not required – the perfect flexible safety solution!

Made from exceptionally strong plastic coated polymer mesh and fixed to sturdy aluminium uprights, Rollaway Safety Fencing can be affixed to concrete, grass, soil or paving. Glass Swimming Pool Safety Fencing is a stylish safety-proofing option with the added bonus of shielding the pool from the wind.

Whatever size or shape pool you have, or are planning to have, we can help you create the perfect safety solution for your needs, simply contact us on 02920 705059 or e-mail sales@allswimltd.com for assistance and quotations.

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