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Swimming Pool Troubleshooting

Cloudy Water
Build up of dirt & bather pollution
Ineffective chlorine levels or poor filtration
Backwash filter, then shock treat. Add clarifier to polish water.
Start of Algae growth
Insufficient levels of chlorine
Shock treat. After 24 hours backwash filter. Maintain chlorine level above 1.5ppm. Prevent re-occurrence of algae growth
Chlorine ineffective
Over stabilisation
Dilute pool water and shock treat
Ineffective filtration
Filter blocked or filter media needs renewing
Check filter media or cartridge
See ineffective filtration for more detail
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Suspended particles
Precipitation of salts due to high pH or high alkalinity
Correct pH and/or alkalinity
Unpleasant Water
High combined chlorine's
Free chlorine levels too low
Dilute pool water and shock treat
Eye Irritation
Detergents from cleaning compounds getting into pool water
Reaction between chlorine and detergent
Use chlorine compatible cleaners
Sore Eyes / Throat
Water too acid / alkaline
pH too low / pH too high
Correct pH / Correct pH
Chlorine Level Difficult To Maintain
Sunlight destroying chlorine
Chlorine not stabilised
Use stabiliser or stabilised chlorine
Build up of pollutants
Insufficient chlorine
Shock treat
High water temperature
Organisms multiply more quickly
Increase dose of sanitizer
No Chlorine Reading Despite Adding Chlorine
Chlorine level may be too high
High chlorine level bleaches reagent in test tablet
Allow chlorine to reduce naturally over a period of time
pH Too Low
low pH of local water supply
Insufficient alkali
Add alkali - ideal pH 7.2 - 7.6
Use of acidic chlorine donors
Insufficient alkali
Add alkali - ideal pH 7.2 - 7.6
pH Too High
High pH of local water supply
Insufficient dry acid
Add dry acid - ideal pH 7.2 - 7.6
Use of alkaline chlorine donors
High alkalinity
Reduce alkalinity to 125ppm check pH
Salts being leached from new concrete pools
Self correcting over a period of time
Add dry acid - ideal pH 7.2 - 7.6
pH Erratic
Insufficient bicarbonate to buffer pH
Low total alkalinity
Add bicarbonate - ideal 125ppm
pH Locked
Too high a level of bicarbonate
Topping up from mains water can increase alkalinity in hard water areas
Reduce alkalinity to 125ppm check pH
Low Alkalinity
Bicarbonates reduced by dilution, particularly in soft water areas
Mains water has low levels of bicarbonates
Add bicarbonate minimum 75ppm, consult All Swim
Pool Walls Feel Slimy
Algae growing
Insufficient chlorine
Shock treat to kill algae, sweep and vacuum pool. Prevent recurrence with algicide, brush pool walls
Dirt On Pool Wall At Water Level
Build up of fat, oil & cosmetics
Irregular cleaning of surfaces
Clean with sponge & suitable detergent
Sharp Edges Around Tiles
Grout being leached by water
Water too soft
Re-grout pool. Increase calcium levels to minimum 175ppm. Consider changing to HTH
Ineffective Filtration
Incorrect sand level in filter
Not enough sand to filter out particles
Renew and/or top up sand
Correct level of sand
Blocked filter / filter sand
Backwash & use filter aid
Cartridge filter in poor condition
Filter allowing particles through
Renew Cartridge
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