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Hot Tub and Swimspa FAQs

Purchasing Hot Tubs and Swimspas

Q: Do You Have Hot Tubs Or Swimspas On Display At Your Showroom?

A: Yes, we have a range of Caldera Hot Tubs and Fantasy Spas to suit all budgets on display as well as an E2000 Endless Pools Fitness System at our spacious showroom in Cardiff.


Q: Why Buy From All Swim?

A: All Swim is a second generation family business founded in 1972, we supply hot tubs and swimspas in South Wales. Our staff are fully trained and we are a WhatSpa? Professional Approved retailer. We pride ourselves on our customer service and after sales support and have won numerous awards for our showroom, website as well as our outstanding retail excellence.


Q: Who Are Caldera And Are They Reputable?

A:  Caldera Spas are manufactured by Watkins Wellness™. Watkins Wellness™ is the global hot tub leader and has built more than one million hot tubs to date. The unmatched experience of Watkins Wellness™ means unsurpassed quality and long-term reliability for you and your family.


Q: What Finance Packages Do You Offer With Your Hot Tubs And Swimspas?

A: We offer a few finance packages - 12 Months Interest Free Credit (0% APR), 10.9% APR Over 60 and 120 Months and Buy Now, Pay Later. * All finance is subject to status. All Swim is authorised and regulated by the Finance Conduct Authority. 

Q: What Warranties Come With Your Hot Tubs And Swimspas?

A: Every single spa is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory and the hot tub shells are made from the highest quality, high temperature American acrylics available as well as featuring American Balboa Control Systems. Our range of hot tubs come with the following warranties:


  Fantasy Vacanza Series Paradise Series Utopia Series
Shell Structure 5 Years 5 Years 10 Years 10 Years
Shell Surface 5 Years 2 Years 7 Years 7 Years
Equipment 2 Years 2 Years 5 Years 5 Years
Plumbing 2 Years 2 Years 5 Years 5 Years
Cabinet 2 Years 2 Years 3 Years 3 Years

All components are industry standard, which means they can be purchased off the shelf here in the UK and also in Europe. Many imported hot tubs are not CE approved and do not comply with European standards of safety - Caldera Spas guarantee that their hot tubs and all components are CE approved.


Q: Do All Swim Offer A ‘Wet Test Facility’?

A: Yes we do! We always have at least two hot tubs and swimspas on display in our showroom, which are filled with water for you to try. We also have changing rooms available - just call us to make an appointment. We also have a range of hot tubs that are empty which can also be sat in to try the different seating positions before making a decision. We can open up out of hours if preferred for you to enjoy the tubs in private - a prior appointment is required.  



Q: What Type Of Delivery Do You Offer?

A: All Swim offer many different types of delivery for all the different Hot Tubs and Swimspas. Wherever you want your hot tub or swimspa we will find a way of placing it there! We have never come across a delivery that we haven’t been able to do!

Spa Dolly Delivery Services/Delivery, Positioning & Commissioning

This purpose made trailer allows the hot tub to be delivered and manoeuvred into the garden flat, or on it's side to gain access through gates and walkways. (Please note the spa dolly cannot be used for swimspas). For further information and dimensions of the spa dolly please see our pre-delivery instructions at the bottom of the page.

Kerbside Delivery Service

When you choose the kerbside delivery service this means that the hot tub or swimspa will be delivered on a curtain side vehicle. This option can be selected when you have equipment that is able to get the hot tub or swimspa off at the delivery destination. These vehicles are also available with a tail lift which can be used depending on the size of the hot tub you have purchased.

Flatbed Delivery Service

If you have a crane organised for the placing of the hot tub or swimspa, then this option is probably the most suitable. The hot tub or swimspa will be delivered on an open back vehicle. This allows the crane to access the spa from above, to get all of the necessary straps attached to allow lifting into place.

Hi-Ab Delivery Service

Do you need your hot tub or swimspa lifted over a standard wall, fence or hedge? If yes, this service will be the best option for you. The distance the hi-ab can reach is up to 8m away from the vehicle. The hot tub or swimspa will be delivered on an open back vehicle with the appropriate lifting gear in order to place your new hot tub or swimspa in to the desired location.

"All In One" Truck And Crane Delivery Service

If you don’t want the chaos of having two vehicles for a crane delivery All Swim can solve that for you and we can deliver and crane install on the same vehicle, furthermore because of its size it can get access where most cranes can’t. This option is available at a fraction of the cost of a crane hire and separate delivery vehicle. This option is best suited for swimspas, or where there is little or no access to the garden.




Q: I'm Not Sure I Have Access To Get A Hot Tub In, What Advice Can You Give Me?

A: The access you require will depend on what model hot tub you choose. All Swim offer a free no obligation site survey so we can check the access for you and we will give you our professional advice, call 02920 705059 to make your no obligation appointment. Alternatively, for further advice and guidance please see our hot tub pre-delivery instructions at the bottom of the page.


Q: What Sort Of Base Is Required For My Hot Tub?

A: The base required for your hot tub needs to be a solid foundation. If your hot tub is being installed outdoors, we would recommend a concrete base, a minimum of 10cm thick. If you are considering placing your hot tub on wooden decking, patio or slabs, it is very important to make sure that your structure is completely flat and level and will support the weight of the tub when filled with water and of course people!


Q: Is My Hot Tub Designed For Indoor Or Outdoor Use?

A: Both! The majority of hot tub owners have their hot tubs installed in the garden but they are all designed for both indoor and outdoor use. You decide!


Q: What Power Supply Will My Hot Tub Need?

A: Many hot tubs are permanently connected to a dedicated electrical supply (hard wired), whilst other plug and play hot tubs run from either a 13 amp or 16 amp C Form socket. Electrics need to be a minimum 2 metres from the water and the electric installation must be carried out by a P Certified Electrician. The amperage requirement for each hot tub depends on which model you purchase, please see our hot tub pre-delivery instructions at the bottom of the page for further detailed information or alternatively please contact us for further advice and guidance.


Q: How Quickly Can I Use My Hot Tub Once It Has Been Installed?

A: Usually within 8 – 10 hours after installation. This is the length of time approximately the tub takes to heat up from cold water.


Q: Do I Need To Have My Hot Tub Turned On All The Time Or Just When I Want To Use It?

A: Your hot tub needs to be turned on all the time as this will make it more efficient compared to heating it when you want to use it. Hot tubs when set up in standard mode will only heat the water when the temperature falls below the set temperature, alternatively you can set the hot tub to either Economy Mode (to only heat when the filter cycle is on) or Sleep Mode (not to heat at all). These modes are fully explained when the hot tub is delivered and also in the hot tub manual.


Q: Do I Need To Turn My Hot Tub Off In The Winter?

A: No you don't! Hot tubs are built to withstand all different temperatures - there is nothing better than sitting in a steaming hot tub when it's cold or even when it is snowing outside!


Q: What Are The Likely Running Costs Of My New Hot Tub?

A: Electrical running costs depend on use. However, all our hot tubs are built with insulation as standard which helps keep running costs to a minimum. As a guide, running your hot tub at 38 degrees, keeping it covered and using the spa for an hour a day you should look to budget approximately £2 per day.


Q: If I Move Home After Buying My Spa, Can I Take It With Me?

A: Hot Tubs are portable enabling you to relocate them. If you do move house and want to take your hot tub with you, you can do this. Most people, however, sell the hot tub with their old house and buy a replacement for their new home.




Q: Will My Hot Tub Need A Designated Water Supply And How Often Will I Need To Change The Water?

A: No, the hot tub is simply filled up using a garden hose pipe. We recommend that you change the water approximately every 2-3 months depending on usage - this is done by connecting your hose pipe to the drainage point and opening the valve - your hot tub will then empty slowly and drain through your hose pipe. Alternatively, you can purchase a submersible pump to allow a quick drain down.


Q: Do I Need To Use Chemicals?

A: All spas require some form of chemicals for balancing the pH and as a sanitiser. Some hot tubs are supplied with ozone whilst the Caldera Vacanza range is fitted with an inline Frog dosing system and the Paradise and Utopia range are fitted with a FreshWater Salt system. These help reduce the amount of time involved in looking after your tub.


Q: How Is The Water In My Hot Tub Filtered?

A: All our hot tubs are fitted with a highly efficient cartridge filtration system filtering out the very finest particles, helping to keep your hot tub water sparkling.

Q: How Often Should I Change The Filters?

A: We recommend that the filters are taken out and cleaned every 2 weeks depending on usage. The filters are best cleaned using our cartridge cleaner and left to soak overnight and then simply rinsed with a garden hose and thoroughly dried before re-fitting. We recommend the filters are replaced with new ones every 6 months.


Q: Are The Spas Supplied With A Safety Cover?

A: All our hot tubs are supplied with a rigid insulation cover as standard. The cover fits snugly over the top of the spa and is centrally hinged for convenience. The cover has a lock for safety.


Q: Can I Lock My Spa?

A: All our hot tubs allow you to lock the control panel to prevent its use in your absence but you can also lock the hot tub cover securing it over the top of the hot tub for added safety and to prevent it being blown away.


Q: Once I Have Purchased My Hot Tub, Does All Swim Offer After Sales Care Including Maintenance And The Supply Of Chemicals And Accessories?

A: Absolutely! All Swim began trading in 1972, specialising in the supply of chemicals and accessories for pools and spas. We can supply free of charge, a mail order guide and water treatment guide and can offer help with water treatment over the phone or we can analyse your water sample free of charge in our showroom. Once an order for chemicals or accessories has been placed delivery will be swift and efficient (normally the next working day unless otherwise advised) and we will be able to give you all the support you require should you need it.


Q: Once I Have Purchased My Hot Tub, Will I Be Able To Obtain Spare Parts?

A: Of course, we always keep a great deal of spare parts in stock and on the shelf. 


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